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Rancho Las Lomas Wedding – Orange County, CA – Savy + Jansen

September 23, 2019

When we discovered that Savy and Jansen work at the same bar in Las Vegas, we knew their Rancho Las Lomas wedding was going to be a huge party, and they definitely did not disappoint.

Even though they live in Vegas, Savy and Jansen decided to have their destination wedding at Rancho Las Lomas, which is a gorgeous wedding venue in Orange County, CA.

One thing we noticed right off the bat is how down to earth these two are. Even though this was their day, they still checked in with us frequently to see if we were doing okay or needed anythng. They even wanted us to join in on the fun – can’t say we didn’t 😉

Savy’s wedding dress was out of this world, and she rocked it SO well. Jansen’s bold, green jacket was way different than what we typically see. These two were on fire! Not to mention, the details of this wedding were insane and matched the chilly weather of January perfectly. The jewel tone color palette made for a dark and moody vibe, yet still elegant and classy.

One thing worth mentioning is that Savy and Jansen emphasized us taking full creative control – so we did! We approached their wedding with a totally creative mindset, starting with the equipment we used. We brought real, super 8mm film cameras to capture parts of their day. If you’re wanting to add some vintage hipster vibes, you definitely want some super 8mm on your wedding day!

Another area where we took a creative risk was music selection. In fact, for their teaser, we personally reached out to the artist of the song “RACECAR”, ARIES, to see if we could purchase a license to use t for their teaser. When we were able to successfully purchase it, we were ecstatic! We knew it would match their vibe perfectly. Watch their teaser below to see what we mean!

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