Dynamic Storytelling


Our secret sauce is...

We start with relationships

We go fishing in June Lake with our family, take on Coachella with our ride-or-dies, and bring Crumbl to movie nights with the homies.

When we work with couples, we find out so much more than how you met in line at LAX. We learn about what’s important to you—who is important to you—and we dive in, literally, to join you in the wedding experience you’re creating.

Documenting your multi-day wedding experience is a lot like our regular life. 

You want to create a multi-day wedding experience in Yosemite with a small crowd of your most important people. It’s why you want a pace that allows you to feel it all—and not just as an observer after the weekend is over.

About Jay and Mack

We're partners in both business and in life - a journey that began when we first met as kids.

And while we really did grow up four houses away from each other, that’s just a fraction of our story. We’ve spent the last six years married —eleven years together—learning and growing with each other.

We’ve traveled the world filming weddings, enjoying live music, and breaking bread with great company.

And even though we work together every day and explore the world together, we need you to know… It’s still SO much fun.

let's work together

We want you to feel the nostalgia, the joy, and the FUN on your wedding day

— and definitely in your wedding video. 

“They told our story in a way we could have never imagined.”

When looking for videographers, we wanted something unique, fun, and completely different from your typical wedding video. Their attention to detail and vision in capturing who each couple is and telling their love story is unlike any video we've seen.

They made my husband and I super comfortable and at ease and guided us through the day, starting with our adventure session. Not only are they the best videographers out there, but they are also two of the nicest and easiest-going people. We had full trust in them with our day and never had to second guess or follow up on anything. We are forever grateful they captured our day and could never thank them enough!!!!


Okay, but like, really…. what are you about?

Let’s find out:



I'd wake up in the mountains and hit the slopes until midday, then warm up after with a smokey mezcalita.

As the sun sets, I'd share a pepperoni pie with Mack on the lake.

If you had an entire day to 

I'd go to the movie theatre and get an extra large popcorn with extra butter (the movie doesn't really matter, just the popcorn).

Afterwards, I'd go home, start a puzzle and try out a new recipe I've been eyeing on Pinterest.


What could you talk about for hours?

I can't talk about any specific thing for hours, but I can talk to my mom for hours about anything

Docuseries about musicians and their stories

If you were in charge of a Netflix show, what would it be about?

A National Geographic type of animal documentary

Noah Kahan, Mt. Joy, Lord Huron, Maggie Rogers, Wilderado half-alive, flipturn Greyson Chance, MGK, YUNGBLOOD, Coachella, and so many more.

Concerts you’ll probably find us at

Same :)

With Mack

Favorite place to be?

With Jay

Because it really (really) is about relationships for us, we only work with 10 couples a year, and that’s by design. 

We don’t hire assosciates to do our work; you get us 100% of the time. We pace ourselves and your experience so that you get the best of the art we create for your muli-day wedding. 

Want to be one of the 10?

Documenting your perfectly imperfect wedding

and the energy and emotions you don’t ever want to forget 

We swing the door wide open and love celebrating you for all that you are, but let’s spell this out: we embrace your gender expression, skin color, sexuality, and body image. When we say all are welcome, we really do mean it.