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Personalized wedding videography for the unforgettable moments you can’t repeat. 

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You live and love wholeheartedly — and it shows.

When you have beach days with friends or gather with family for dinner, your value is in the experiences you share with the most important people in your life.

Let’s create a core memory you can relive over and over again.

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A wedding film that celebrates your companionship and your community—and the magic found in both?

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"You’re not getting a wedding video, you’re getting a cinematic experience." 

"Jay and Mack have an insanely unique ability to effortlessly showcase the passion, relationship dynamic, and love that couples share through raw moments, genuine interactions, and incredibly captured feature film style shots."


We’re obsessed with telling artistic love stories through video. 

Hi, we’re Jay and Mack, and we’re confident the love story you and your partner are creating is unlike anything else out there.

We don’t have any templates, and we don’t have any duplicates to build from. We have you, your family, and your people — and that’s all we need to tell the best damn story we possibly can.  

You might have seen us in these fancy places

But our favorite place to be? Together, at your wedding.

Documenting your perfectly imperfect wedding

and the energy and emotions you don’t ever want to forget 

We swing the door wide open and love celebrating you for all that you are, but let’s spell this out: we embrace your gender expression, skin color, sexuality, and body image. When we say all are welcome, we really do mean it.