Chasity and Francois starting out at canyonlands, captured by their destination wedding videographer

Destination Wedding in Moab at The Red Earth Venue




As destination wedding videographers who have filmed numerous weddings in Moab, we have an intimate familiarity with this iconic desert landscape and everything it offers couples. From exploring iconic locations like Arches National Park and Canyonlands, to partnering with Moab’s top vendors and venues like The Red Earth Venue, we know how to seamlessly capture the adventurous spirit and natural beauty that make this region a world-class wedding destination. We have extensive experience planning film logistics for Moab’s varying terrain, lighting conditions, and guest experience opportunities like hiking, horseback riding, off-roading, and more.

With each visit, we continue adding to our creative location portfolio while cultivating relationships with local partners who elevate the wow factor for epic Moab weddings and elopements. Whether you desire towering red rock formations as your backdrop or an intimate ceremony in one of the countless striking settings, we blend our production expertise with our passion for the Moab area to ensure a final film product that transports you back to your magnificent desert celebration for years to come.

Finding a Moab Wedding Videographer

As experienced destination wedding videographers, we get excited anytime a couple shares plans for an epic multi-day celebration in a place like Moab. When Chasity and Francois described their adventurous weekend itinerary – kicking off with horseback riding through dramatic desert landscapes, a heartfelt rehearsal dinner to connect with loved ones, a ceremony at The Red Earth Venue with those iconic red cliffs as the backdrop for their vows, and even an ATV adventure embracing Moab’s rugged spirit – we knew it was the perfect fit for our cinematic, unscripted filming approach.

Capturing authentic moments that transport you back to the raw emotion and energy of your magnificent Moab wedding experience? That’s our absolute sweet spot as adventure videographers for couples looking to craft an unforgettable multi-day event in one of the most striking destinations around. Chasity and Francois’ adventurous plans aligned perfectly with our passion for blending epic natural scenery with real, organic love stories.

guests enjoying a wedding at red earth venue in Moab


Immersive Moab Wedding Videography Starts with Breathtaking Horseback Ride at Sorrel River Ranch

With our experience as destination wedding videographers, we know the key to capturing an epic multi-day celebration is being there for all the little moments that make it unforgettable. So when Chasity and Francois kicked off their adventurous wedding weekend with a horseback ride at the stunning Sorrel River Ranch, you bet we were right there with them, cameras rolling!

Filming while on horseback ourselves was an absolute blast – talk about really immersing ourselves in the moment! We asked the couple why they chose Moab for their destination wedding, and their answer said it all: they wanted to create completely new, exciting experiences not just for themselves, but for every single guest. Chasity and Francois were all about setting that tone of adventure and wonder from the very beginning.

sorrel river ranch
family horseback riding

After wrapping up our horseback filming session, we took a little breather to soak in the ranch vibes. Sorrel River’s crew of mini horses, rabbits, and goats were the perfect welcoming committee! Getting to know the local animal residents was a great way for everyone to relax and have a few laughs before the night’s festivities kicked into gear.

father and daughter petting mini horse

Capturing the Magic of Chasity and Francois’ Moab Rehearsal Dinner

As the sun started to dip, we headed over to the Hilton Hoodoo Moab to document Chasity and Francois’ rehearsal dinner. The energy when we walked in was absolutely electric! The DJ had everyone out of their seats and onto the dance floor with an incredible playlist – I even found myself jumping in to get the crowd hyped when a personal favorite came on.

Between the mouthwatering food, the nonstop dancing, and some friendly but intense card game competition, the rehearsal dinner almost felt like the main event had already started! We’ve filmed countless destination weddings, and we know better than anyone that capturing the buildup and excitement of an entire wedding weekend is just as important as the ceremony itself. And this was one Moab rehearsal dinner that definitely set the bar high for the rest of the celebration. As Moab wedding videographers, we know that capturing the magic of a rehearsal dinner is just as important as documenting the ceremony itself. The energy, the emotions, the laughter – these are all key elements of the full destination wedding experience.

swag surfing


A Destination Wedding Videographer’s Dream: Capturing Epic Love in an Epic Location

As destination wedding videographers, we’ve had the privilege of documenting love stories in some truly breathtaking locations. But Chasity and Francois’ Moab wedding at The Red Earth Venue? Let’s just say this one took “epic” to a whole new level.

From the moment we started chatting with Chasity and Francois about their vision, we knew this was going to be a celebration unlike any other. They didn’t just want an incredible location (which, hello, Moab definitely delivers on that front) – they wanted every single detail to be infused with creativity, thoughtfulness, and a serious wow factor.

Bringing the Desert Dream to Life: Wild Heart Events’ Stunning Floral Design

When Chasity and Francois mentioned they were looking for an out-of-the-box wedding planner to bring their vision to life, we knew there was only one woman for the job: Jaime of Wild Heart Events. We’ve worked with Jaime and her team on several destination weddings, and they always blow us away with their creativity and attention to detail.

For Chasity and Francois’ big day, Jaime dreamed up a stunning floral installation that left us all speechless. Picture this: a freeform, unstructured flower tunnel spilling onto the aisle, vibrant blooms popping against the burnt orange backdrop of Moab’s iconic landscape. It was like walking through a desert dream.

Jaime shared her inspiration behind the design: “I’ve had visions of an aisle like this for a while, and Moab’s desert vibe was the perfect canvas to finally make it happen. The team at Farmyard Co took my dream and ran with it – pulling off this stunner while still being super sustainable.”

As destination wedding videographers, we’ve seen our fair share of incredible ceremony setups – but this one genuinely took our breath away. It was the perfect reflection of Chasity and Francois’ adventurous spirits and the wild beauty of Moab.

A Ceremony Serenade and a Champagne Spray: The Magic of Chasity and Francois’ Moab Wedding

As the ceremony began, guests were treated to a truly special moment: a serenade by none other than Kenny Lattimore singing his classic “For You” as Chasity made her way down the aisle. Talk about setting the tone for an unforgettable celebration!

After exchanging their heartfelt vows against the stunning backdrop of The Red Earth Venue, Chasity and Francois sealed the deal with a champagne spray that had everyone cheering. The pure joy on their faces said it all – this was a love story for the ages.

wedding couple spraying champagne at the red earth venue

Dancing Under the Stars: A Reception to Remember at The Red Earth Venue

The magic didn’t stop after the ceremony. As guests made their way to the reception area (also impeccably designed by Wild Heart Events), the excitement was palpable. And let me tell you, Chasity and Francois knew how to keep that energy high all night long.

Fire dancers wowed the crowd with their mesmerizing performances, while the dance floor stayed packed as everyone celebrated under the stars. And just when we thought the night couldn’t get any more epic? Dazzling fireworks lit up the Moab sky, the perfect exclamation point on an absolutely unforgettable wedding day.

fire dancer at the red earth venue
wedding guests line dancing
dj playing music at wedding
wedding guests dancing
man and woman smiling at each other as fireworks go off in the distance

As destination wedding videographers, we’ve seen a lot of incredible celebrations – but Chasity and Francois’ Moab wedding was truly one for the books. From the stunning location to the creative details to the palpable love and joy radiating from every single guest, it was an honor to capture every moment of this epic desert love story.


Keeping the Adrenaline Pumping: ATV Tours and Desert Sunsets

For Chasity and Francois, saying “I do” was just the beginning of their epic Moab celebration. As adventure wedding videographers, we know that sometimes the most unforgettable moments happen after the last dance.

Chasity and Francois wanted to keep the excitement going post-wedding, so they organized a thrilling group ATV excursion in Moab. And let us tell you – it did not disappoint! We’ve captured our fair share of adventurous experiences, but there’s something about racing through the desert landscape, feeling the wind whip past you as you chase the horizon, that just gets our adrenaline pumping.

The couple booked their group tour through High Point Hummer , one of Moab’s top-rated adventure tour companies. As their destination wedding videographers, we were right there with them, capturing every heart-pounding moment and joyful expression.

a group of friends at the top of a mountain in moab
atvs driving through a trail in moab
atvs driving through a trail in moab
four friends on an ATV posing for a photo

If you’re planning a multi-day wedding in Moab, we can’t recommend adding an ATV tour to your itinerary enough. It’s a fantastic way to bond with your guests, explore the incredible desert scenery, and create some truly unforgettable memories.

Chasing Golden Hour: A Breathtaking Sunset at Canyonlands National Park

After an exhilarating afternoon on the ATVs, we all took some time to rest and refresh. But the day wasn’t over yet – Chasity and Francois had one more surprise up their sleeves.

As the sun began to dip towards the horizon, we made our way to Canyonlands National Park for a sunset session that left us all speechless. The way the golden light painted the vast desert landscape, the colors shifting and deepening as the minutes ticked by – it was pure magic.

We captured Chasity and Francois sneaking sweet cuddles and quiet moments against the breathtaking backdrop, their joy and love radiating through every frame. It was the perfect way to wrap up an absolutely incredible weekend.

a man and woman holding each other at canyonlands national park
a man and woman holding each other at canyonlands national park
a man and woman holding each other at canyonlands national park
a man and woman holding hands standing over a cliff at canyonlands national park

Reliving the Magic: Chasity and Francois’ Wedding Featured in Brides Magazine

The epic adventure of Chasity and Francois’ Moab wedding weekend may have come to an end, but the magic lives on. We were thrilled to see their stunning celebration featured in Brides Magazine – a true testament to the unforgettable beauty and love they created in the desert.

From the picture-perfect ceremony at The Red Earth Venue to the adrenaline-pumping ATV rides to the breathtaking Canyonlands sunset, every moment of this multi-day wedding was an absolute dream to capture. As destination wedding videographers, it’s celebrations like these that remind us why we do what we do – to preserve these once-in-a-lifetime experiences, these golden chapters in our couples’ love stories.

If you’re dreaming of your own epic destination wedding adventure, we’d love to chat. Because if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that your love story deserves to be captured in all its wild, beautiful, unforgettable glory.


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