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Snake River Ranch Wedding in Jackson Hole


a destination wedding in Jackson Hole

Imagine having your Jackson Hole wedding in a huge, open field right at the base of Grand Teton National Park. A blank canvas to create your dream wedding. That is exactly what Ashley and Mitch did for their Wild West Rock n’ Roll wedding at Snake River Ranch.

Getting Married in Jackson Hole, WY

Ashley and Mitch have a pretty interesting story. Ashley is from Coeur d’Alene and Mitch is from Australia but they live in NYC. While on a trip to his hometown in Australia, Mitch decided that he would propose to Ashley in a way that she would least expect – while doing yard work on his farm. They were planning on going to the winery after yard work, so Ashley was dressed up in a cute white dress with white shoes. Mitch needed some help marking trees that needed to be removed the next day and Ashley agreed to help.

Once she finished her work, he asked her to mark one final tree. Mitch told her to mark it in the middle, which annoyed her because that is not how she was marking the other trees. As she moved towards the middle of the tree, she saw “Marry Me Ash” carved into the wood! Mitch pulled out a ring from under the log, which was sitting there for three days. Ashley had absolutely no idea!

So now you’re probably thinking how the heck they decided to have their wedding in Jackson Hole, WY?! Well, it was *somewhat* in the middle and the Grand Tetons make for a beautiful backdrop.

Snake River Ranch Wedding Venue

When Ashley first reached out to us, she told us she was looking for something different. She absolutely hated watching cheesy and sappy wedding videos. Instead, she wanted something fun and upbeat to represent hers and Mitch’s personalities. For their theme, they chose to go for a mixture of Wild, Wild West and Rock ‘n Roll. In order to achieve that, they needed a venue where they could dress it up exactly how they wanted. Snake River Ranch was the perfect location for them to have their wedding because it’s literally an open field with the Grand Tetons in the distance.

With the help of Rachael Ellen Events, they were able to have the wedding of their dreams! Rachael organized and curated this insane, Wild, Wild West Rock ‘n Roll themed wedding by bringing out a huge tent, a band, and an airstream into what felt like the middle of nowhere. We were surrounded by nothing but open, grassy fields and the Grand Tetons. It was out of this world!

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