a couple walking down the aisle together at Castello di Montalto in Tuscany

Tuscany Wedding at Castello di Montalto


a destination wedding at a castle in Tuscany, Italy



Megan & Andrew’s Spectacular Tuscany Wedding Adventure: A Destination Videographer’s Dream

As destination wedding videographers, we have the privilege of documenting love stories in some of the most breathtaking locations around the globe. Megan and Andrew’s four-day Tuscany wedding celebration was an extraordinary adventure that exceeded all expectations, filled with immersive experiences, heartfelt moments, and the infectious joy of two people deeply in love.

Day One

Immersing in Authentic Italy: Our Tuscany wedding videography journey kicked off in the heart of Florence, where we captured Megan and Andrew’s candid relationship against the city’s enchanting backdrop. The beautiful Castello di Montalto became our haven for the next three days, with the evening quickly escalating into a whimsical pizza party rehearsal dinner, replete with chambongs, authentic Italian fare, and resonating melodies that set the tone for an epic wedding weekend.

Day Two

The Magic of a Tuscan Wedding: The rolling Tuscan hills and majestic castle provided the most stunning setting imaginable for Megan and Andrew’s wedding ceremony. As Italy wedding videographers, we were captivated by the unexpected arrival and incredible performance of The Knights Club band. DJ Fabio then elevated the energy with infectious beats and an impressive CO2 cannon light show. The night reached its apex as we celebrated Jay’s 30th with cake, song, and core memories imprinted in our hearts.

Day Three and Four

Quintessential Tuscan Indulgence: Easing into the day, we captured a much-needed recovery BBQ pool party. Donning our chef hats, we then participated in a delightful pasta crafting class with La Cucina Giuseppina, a delectable experience fueled by Megan and Andrew’s passion for cuisine. Our Tuscany wedding videography adventure concluded with a venture to Tenuta Torciano, a quintessential Tuscan winery, where we indulged in an array of wine and food tastings, each bite more exquisite than the last. Emotions overflowed during the farewell, as we captured all the heartfelt tears and embraces.

Megan and Andrew masterfully curated an unparalleled four-day Tuscany wedding journey, not just for themselves, but as an extraordinary gift to every guest present. As their Italy wedding videographer team, we were honored to artfully preserve the magic, weaving together the sights, sounds and feelings of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. These memories, now eternally etched in film, will transport them back to the rolling Tuscan landscapes whenever their hearts desire, reliving each perfect moment of their Italian wedding dream come true.


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