A photo of a bride a groom at the Clayton House in Scottsdale, AZ

Clayton House Wedding – Scottsdale, AZ – Vy + Tommy

September 23, 2019

Have you seen the movie, Crazy, Rich, Asians? If not, go watch it now! Afterwards, you’ll have to watch Vy and Tommy’s wedding video at the Clayton House to see why we are referencing it!

When we first facetimed Vy and Tommy, we instantly fell in love with them and their energy. They didn’t just want to talk about their wedding. They wanted to get to know us as well! By the end of our call, we were great friends and couldn’t wait for their adventure session.

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We met up with them right around a year before their wedding to shoot their engagement session at The Monroe Abbey in downtown Phoenix, AZ. Monroe Abbey is an old, abandoned Baptist church that was burnt down. The ceilings and windows are all gone and the ground is covered with dirt. It definitely has a mysterious, moody vibe to it – a great contrast between the classy and fun people that Vy and Tommy are. Afterwards, they treated us to some local Pho and Vietnamese coffee. These two are seriously some of the kindest people you will ever meet.

A year later, Vy and Tommy had their wedding at the Clayton House in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over the past year, we’ve really gotten to know Vy and Tommy, and also their friends, which made their wedding super fun and their video that much better! Their friends gave hilarious speeches and the dance floor was poppin’ the entire night. Jay and I may have snuck in a few dance moves as well 😉 The vibe of their day was so fun and we are so glad we get to call them our friends!

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