A couple celebrating their wedding at the chalet view lodge in Graeagle, CA

Chalet View Lodge Wedding in Graeagle


a destination wedding in lake tahoe, ca

Nestled in the picturesque mountains near South Lake Tahoe, the Chalet View Lodge in Graeagle provided the perfect backdrop for Mckenna and Brian’s enchanting wedding celebration. As destination wedding videographers, we were thrilled to capture the magic of their special day at this stunning all-in-one venue. From the moment we arrived, we were captivated by the natural beauty surrounding the Chalet View Lodge, with its rustic charm and breathtaking vistas.

A joyful wedding at chalet view lodge

a wedding venue in the mountains

Mckenna and Brian’s wedding was a beautiful blend of heartfelt moments, cultural touches, and joyful celebrations. The couple paid homage to their Dutch heritage with a delightful stroopwafel cart, treating guests to a taste of sweet tradition. The ceremony itself was filled with spiritual significance, as Mckenna and Brian exchanged vows amidst the serene mountain landscape. As experienced destination wedding videographers, we know that the Chalet View Lodge is an ideal location for couples seeking a meaningful and unforgettable wedding experience.

The reception was an absolute blast, with Mckenna and Brian’s infectious happiness setting the tone for an epic celebration. The dance floor was packed all night long, as guests donned playful props and let loose to the beat of the music. One of the most unique and thoughtful touches was the turn-down tent, complete with pre-rolls and various other recreational goodies for guests to unwind and enjoy. The couple’s playful personalities shone through in every detail, from the adorable giraffe cake to the laughter-filled moments shared with their loved ones. As destination wedding videographers, we were honored to document the genuine love and joy that radiated throughout Mckenna and Brian’s special day at the Chalet View Lodge.

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