a couple embracing each other at a waterfall in iceland

Adventurous Iceland Elopement

The Elopement of SARAH AND MATT

An Iceland elopement at black sand beach in VIK

As destination wedding videographers, we’ve had the privilege of capturing love stories from all around the world, but few have been as poignant and profound as the Iceland elopement of this incredible couple. Hailing from opposite sides of the Atlantic – she from upstate New York, he from the United Kingdom – their paths first crossed on the stunning Laugavegur Trek at Landmannalaugar in Iceland. Despite the vast distance between their homes, they forged an instant connection, one that would endure months of separation due to complex visa issues.

For this couple, choosing to have their wedding in Iceland held immense significance. It was not merely a breathtaking backdrop for their vows; it was the very place where their love story began. As they planned their intimate elopement, they knew that finding the right destination wedding videographer was crucial to commemorate this pivotal chapter in their relationship. The Laugavegur Trek served as a powerful metaphor for their journey together – when they first met, they had only completed the first half of the trail, a symbol of the beginning of their adventure. Now, as they returned to Iceland to wed, they set out to finish the second half of the trail, bringing their love story full circle and marking the end of their long-distance chapter.

After watching their Iceland elopement film, make sure to watch their Iceland wedding trailer and their reaction below.


Elope in Iceland


Watch Sarah and Matt react to their iceland wedding film for the first time


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