Vibrant wedding videos that capture the essence of who you are
—and stand the test of time.

our style

You are our director. We listen…
and then we listen some more.

We let the way you live your life direct our attention (and our cameras) to you. We get the shot of you and your friends running into the ocean, the hilarious comment from your grandma, and the way you respond to your partner’s vows that make you feel so indescribably, cup-overflowing good. 

And then, we dig deep and take an artistic approach to telling the story of the big and small moments of your wedding. It’s personable, and it’s 100% you—a gift you receive over and over again. 

Time is your greatest gift

…And we do our best to capture the best of it.

“For me, it was Jay and Mack or no wedding video at all, and I am so glad I went with them.”

I felt that so many wedding videos turned out exactly the same. So I scoured the internet to find someone, ANYONE, who could deliver a unique wedding video. As soon as I stumbled across Jay and Mack, I NEEDED them to film my wedding. Boy, am I glad I went for it. 

Jay and Mack went absolutely above and beyond in their work, and paid such close attention to detail, capturing the vibe of our relationship and all the little special moments with our friends and family perfectly. Not only was their work amazing, but they were so friendly and easy to work with. For me, it was Jay and Mack or no wedding video at all, and I am so glad I went with them. 


PLUS: A Tailored Experience

more coverage

Need more hours or additional days? We're right there with you.

social media

Want a teaser or a few memorable snippets? Don't want to sift through the entire day? We've got your back.

documentary edits

Straightforward, raw edits letting you dive back into the moments exactly as they happened. Whether it's reliving the full ceremony, savoring every word of the toasts, or cherishing your dance with your parents — tell us the moment, and we'll preserve it for you.

  • Two filmmakers
  • 10 hours of 4k coverage
  • Drone coverage
  • High quality audio capture
  • 5+ minute short film
  • 4k digital delivery

Every Video Package Includes:

Single Day Weddings starts at $11,000
Multi-Day Events starts at $13,000

“Every piece that they create is unique and expertly tailored to each couple.”

After watching dozens (okay, hundreds) of wedding videos trying to locate the perfect videographer, we stumbled upon Jay & Mack. Videography is typically not a must-have for most couples, but we are beyond glad that we made this investment.


They made the entire process so simple and enjoyable, which is exactly what you could hope for on your wedding day. Even playing our favorite music while shooting the couple shots, and Jay’s excellent dance moves! Not only do we have the raw footage from our day, but Jay & Mack created the perfect teaser and short film that captured every single part of the wedding. We have received countless compliments on our video, and still watch it weekly. Every piece that they create is unique and expertly tailored to each couple – which is something that immediately drew us to their work. 10/10 recommend, we can’t thank you both enough for everything you did for us!

Here’s our process

Once you’ve immersed yourselves in our videos and are convinced that we’re the ones to film your wedding, let’s do this:


Step One: Fill out our inquiry form and share your wedding details, your style, and (especially) your story. You’ll hear back from one of us (hi, it’s us, Jay and Mack!) within 48-72 hours.


Step Two: We’ll send you information on our packages and pricing and set up a all to talk through your vision. Please note: to maximize on the depth we provide to our clients, we only work with 10 couples a year.


Step Three: From there, we’ll send a proposal outlining everything you’re getting, then you’ll add your signature and down payment, and you’ll officially be on the Jay and Mack books. (This is when we start dreaming about your wedding and studying every photo you’ve posted on social media, too!)

You want a work of art that accurately depicts the way your wedding weekend felt

that's our specialty

the guarantee

our promise

From the first time we meet to the moment you're curled up on the couch watching your wedding film - just know, it's always been us. 

We're in this to give you something no one else can - a film that's all heart, no templates. It’s like getting a personal mixtape of your best days; your moments, your emotions, they’re one-of-a-kind and can't be duplicated.

So, here’s our sincere promise:

When you choose us, you're getting the genuine Jay and Mack experience. No associates, no repeats, no reruns, just raw, authentic memories from two folks who genuinely love telling your story. 

"Jay & mack are film makers turned friends"

The moment we met with Jay and Mack, we knew we HAD to have them as our wedding filmmakers. They are the single best investment we made for our intimate wedding. We knew that hiring someone that captures the essence of our relationship and our wedding day in an authentic way was so important to us, and Jay and Mack did that and more.


Their work obviously speaks for itself. They were so amazing throughout the planning process and made our wedding day the best day of our lives. Our wedding film grows even more special as time passes, and I am forever grateful to both of them for creating something so special to us. 

Documenting your perfectly imperfect wedding

and the energy and emotions you don’t ever want to forget 

We swing the door wide open and love celebrating you for all that you are, but let’s spell this out: we embrace your gender expression, skin color, sexuality, and body image. When we say all are welcome, we really do mean it.